The Nature of the Divine

What is the nature of the divine? Reams of poetry, songs and scripture have been written about people believe the divine to be. And all these accounts are different which proves that the divine is not an absolute entity. When one classifies the divine as a noun, a character, as a God or Goddess, they are separating the divine from themselves. We project the characteristics we associate with the divine onto these characters and then ascribe divinity to the character rather than realizing that it's the characteristics of divinity themselves we find to be divine in the first place. And since these characteristics can be found everywhere the question becomes not what is the divine but rather what does one specifically find is divine or not as divinity becomes a reflection of one's state of being and actions rather than an outward entity one may seek.

When we realize that the pursuit of Gods and Goddesses has more to do with one's own personal divinity it then makes more sense to classify the divine as a verb or an adjective, that is an action one does or something that describes one's being rather than something external that one may seek. We are the Light and the Dark, the Day and the Night, the divine masculine and feminine, it all lives within us and all around us and whatever Gods and Goddesses one might pray to or seek first existed within oneself. And the expression of the divine is in what we do not in what is done to us. That is to say God is not superman swooping down to save the unfortunate but rather the acts and intentions of every mote of consciousness. The divine is nature, it is in every soul, it is in all the universe but what part of it one subscribes to or rejects is utterly subjective.

Why would God care what star system or planet you were born on? Why would God care about some backwater hominid race's skin pigmentation? Why would God have preferential treatment for a carbon based life form vs a silicon based life form? Why would God care if you were bipedal or a quadraped? The divine lives in all things so why are such things relevant? If God really crated the universe then most of our faith based prejudices make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But even the terminology of saying God made the universe separates us from the divine. The universe is. The great "I am." We are. So, be one.