Core Tenants of My Spiritual Journey

This is more a spiritual journal than outright manifesto and will evolve over time but I thought I’d record the key points of my spiritual beliefs and philosophy thus far. It cuts down on the repitition.

  • Truth is ultimately subjective. This is not to say one cannot measure truth objectively, as in scientific observation where multiple sources verify the same thing, but rather that we all perceive reality from our own perspective, with our own senses, our own biases, and no matter how many observers we have we’ll still just have a subjective perspective of what is rather that the absolute truth in it’s totality.
  • Morality is subjective to the observer. Collective morality is empathy combined with collective subjective experiences.
  • The Divine is more akin to a frequency or vibration rather than a given personage. But given we as individuals cannot relate to a divine that connects to ALL that is we tend to create avatars based on our limited perceptions and needs at the time.
  • As Above so Below. A Below so to Above. In nature nothing exists in isolation. Not ecosystems, star systems or tiny quantum particles. So too with society what you affect on a large scale affects individuals and what affects individuals influences society. So too with magick. Get a little piece of something and you are connected to the whole. And what affects the whole affects it's components as well.
  • Opposites cannot exist without each other. There is no pleasure without pain. No light without dark. There is no Good without Evil or vice versa. There is no Hunter without Prey. And there is no Ruler without someone to rule. Opposites both physical and spiritual define one another. Therefore there must always be balance within the equation.
  • Balance is inevitable. Sometimes it achieved in a controlled deliberate manner. Other times it is achieved intuitively and organically. And other times it occurs spontaneously and violently as restraints be they physical or emotional break down. Whatever the case balance will always be achieved and reassert itself. The key is always be mindful of this.
  • Power cannot be created or destroyed, merely changed. Much as in physics if one wishes to direct or manipulate power it needs to come from somewhere. This is in fact the basis of my belief in theism.
  • Consciousness can affect physical reality. This is the basis of focused attention, visualization, spell craft, prayer, etc.
  • Prayer is just another kind of ritualized spell craft. All the elements are there.