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Grieving Goddesses

I don’t pretend to understand the whole intricate Celtic cycle of divine death and rebirth. Admittedly it does seem to make a bit more sense to follow the natural cycles and honor both male and female but like most mythologies it seems to lose a bit in technical logic. What are the Gods reincarnated every year? Or are they different Gods and Goddesses and only each a year old? Like I said I’m not quite sure how it all works. However what I do know is humans and any theology that bases their deities on the cycles of life and death, with Gods and Goddesses that are born and that die on a regular basis, must then deal with things like grief, sorrow, loss and pain. Any Goddess going through such loss would be traumatized, depressed, grieving and be in dire need of comfort. I think this reflects on those of us who are male witchs. With so many female witchs many must resonate with the Goddess but what of the God? At Mabon the God of the previous year dies leaving the Goddess without a husband to give birth to the new God-child of the next year. It’s a bit hazy to me as to whether she does this alone, with help of a maiden, or whether she transforms into the maiden. But however this processs occurs one generation seems to transfer power to the next and the Father and Mother of the previous generation passes the mantle to the child and maiden of the next generation.
But even so the role of the male both mortal and divine seems straightforward: to support and comfort the grieving widow and pregnant and soon to be new mother. We often think of looking to the divine as a give all relationship, that is give me stuff or help me with stuff but don’t think of it as a two way street. Now why think of or even consider nurturing the divine? A mortal human comforting a Goddess? What could we do? Well consider that whether one subscribes to the Celtic theology or not there are a lot of real women, and real people in general, whom these Gods and Goddesses are based on. We derive these theological models from humanity after all. So the real question is what do we want to be like as men? What do we want to be like as magi? What do we want to do with our magick? So if there is a grieving woman in need what is our response? Again I for one say it should be to heal and comfort. Divine or mortal it should make little difference.

Kind of missed summer entirely. It was all medical trips and forest fires this year. Busy, busy, busy and sweltering heat. No real relaxed introspection.

And the wheel it turns, turns, turns, turns, and the seasons turns, turns, turns, turns…..

Time to Let Go and Embrace the Beauty that is You! We are about to make the shift from summer to fall. You don't even need to know the date as you notice the subtle shift of summer to fall. Our internal clock always notice is the difference.
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Knowledge is knowing there are aliens on some distant star. Faith is not knowing and building a ship to go find them anyway.

If you know something there is no need for faith. But then if you know something there is no room for trust or hope. If you KNOW there are aliens. Or if you KNOW there is or is not a God there is no reason to question what moral decisions to make. This fundamentally undermines things like free will. But the process of exercising free will is the exercise in question. If you were God why would you corrupt the development of a sentient species by obstructing their development of faith or exercise of free will by revealing your existence to them? It is the pursuit of the unknown that matters. If we KNOW aliens exist then we no longer question whether they exist but rather move onto the next question of what to do now. If we could quantify the divine would it be the divine anymore? Moreover if we could quanitfy the divine what would be the next question? Do we continue to worship it? Do we become it? Do we meld with it? And why does any of this matter? If we are to become divine, or transcend it, or meld with it, or play with it, make love to it, or fight it, then what’s stopping us from doing that now? If we were to find aliens what is the next question? How would we treat them? Or perhaps a better question: How would we treat them DIFFERENTLY than we do other humans on Earth? Or would we and why or why not?
There are many who would argue that a belief in the divine is foolish. That it is ridiculous to believe in something that can’t be proven or quantified. But it all depends on what one places one’s faith in. Yes there are those willing to do terrible things in the name of religion. There are also those willing to do terrible things because they were “just doing their job.” Religion doesn’t make you moral but neither does a lack of it. And placing your faith in a flag can be more deadly than bending knee at the altar of any number of dark Gods and Goddesses. We tend to choose our deities and spiritual practices based on our values. So if you don’t KNOW if there is something out there but believe and have faith there is then you are seeking out something you value and are seeking after. If you are looking for aliens then you value exploration and desire that humans not be the only sentient species in the known universe even if you don’t know if they are or not. So you take your ship and go look for aliens even if you don’t know they exist or not. If you believe in a set of values and place your faith in a given deity you are seeking after those values even if you don’t know explicitly if that deity exists or not, you believe in them and have faith in them, because of the values you hold.

With all the spring flowers going round remember that y’all are essentially enjoying massive amounts of plant porn. :D

Nature is about survival, about perpetuating life. Species that do not do this for any reason whatsoever die and go extinct. The penalty for not pursuing life is death. Therefore the celebrations of Nature are the celebrations of Life. They are the ancient dances of mating and courtship, they are the joys and struggles of birth, they are the exstacy of sex and fertility. They are the soft kisses and gentle caresses of lovers. They are the sprouding of the bud and the unfolding of the bloom. They can be found in every sprout, seed, and heated glance. These are the celebrations of Life and Natures treasured rituals that ensure it continues. To do otherwise is embrace Death.

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' - Robin Williams